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Hello everyone! 
I haven't typed anything like this in a long time! But before anything, I'd like to thank you all. I'm back to the least sociable moments of my life because I lost faith on humanity again, but I know every time I come back here I always get that restored by you guys. You have no idea of what it means to get a nice comment! I can't look closely at you guys, but every time I see a nice comment from you I feel that human heat coming back to me again! <333 I am super happy to get accepted here, and that people like my art, even when it's no longer easy to hold an account on this site. I like it that I can submit art here and tell people I've drawn it, when in real life it's totally different. Most people I know in real life don't really care much, and sometimes I'm afraid of what they might think of me because I am an artist. I've driven away from them many times because I'd rather spend my time drawing than trying to approach people who won't accept me. 

Now to the point! I have had one year and half of drawing inactivity (maybe more), and that has affected my art progress. I admit that I regret it the most, but sometimes you HAVE to give your best and focus on other things in life, right? I didn't focus on drawing at that time because I was under heavy pressure and when I was not studying, I was sleeping because I had to be at the best shape possible to watch class in the next day. 

But recently, I've become a workaholic. OTL . I can't rest and I MUST find something to do, to keep my mind and my hands busy. When you're older than 18, you'll notice your need for sleep decreasing, and that will give you a lot of more time. Unless you make yourself REALLY tired. But you can still boost your work with coffee and energetic drink!

You'll start to hate what you're drawing.

That's a fact. It's not only been me, some of my friends who stopped drawing for long no longer like what they draw, they got rusty skills after some time. And it's never your fault; you might be drawing super well, but your style is so unconsistent and you start mistaking things you already know. My advice is: doodle daily! For beginners and amateurs, drawing daily helps you improve your skills more than drawing something more complex once a week. For professionals and advanced artists, a doodle can serve as a heating exercise or to define their style, their own way of drawing things. I like drawing on paper, and I would advise artists to NEVER stop drawing on paper. The tablet makes you lazy and the process is so different from paper that it will make you confused and lazy when trying to come back to paper (and trust me, you'll need to do so). It can mean an art block for you. 

Anything can help you with that, it's not as hard as you think. Do you have a scrap of paper and a pen? start doodling. Do you have a smartphone with enough battery? download the autodesk skecthbook app and doodle with your finger. If you have the money, buy a pocket size sketchbook and keep it on your purse/backpack. Make your own time for that. Maybe it's that time after lunch you normally use to rest. Sometimes you'll have to sleep less, but it is important if you really want to grow your skill. You CAN make time to draw. We all have busy lives, and they tend to get worse as we grow.

What keeps me motivated to draw: 
  • Watch speedpaints from other artists on youtube (never compare yourself to them, use those to earn knowledge)!
  • Download EVERYTHING that inspires you;
  • Download a lot of reference pictures from series you love. That motivates me to draw ANYTHING, not just cute characters, and not just animu. 

Be optimistic, because you don't really hate what you're drawing. If you really hate what you're drawing, then you won't be drawing in the first place. And do not take your own style for granted.

Don't be afraid of erasing or starting again when it's not going well!
 Just don't loose your patience, you can try again any other time! Because drawing is happiness.

Thank you for reading and have a good night! :iconsawakowaveplz:
Please make sure to check out my speedpaints and tutorials on youtube, and like and subscribe if you like them!… 
Update: two slots taken, three slots left. ;w;
Commission by Sayuui

Coloring (additional):
Digitally: $15

Mixed media: $25
Colored pencils: $30
Copic SKETCH markers: $35
Watercolor (high quality Winson & Newton pigment): $45

Shipping: depends on distance and how fast you want to receive it. Please communicate me if you want me to ship your order!

There will be 5 slots this time.All drawings will be made on A4 (except for digital sketches).

Use the comments to get a slot and then send me a note! Thank you~
Hello everyone! <33333
I'm streaming right now! Experimenting with different stuff~ Please come see and have some fun chatting ~ <33

Thank you for viewing :iconiluplz:

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Rubylupy Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cried because your art is so beautiful and elegant

Watching! <3
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Formless-One Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sayuui, the most recent post you made (that animated gif) was awesome... but it literally crashed my browser because it was so huge. Meaning that I can't actually post on it for fear it will happen twice.
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