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Hello everyone~ :iconbunnyloveplz:
I'm really short in time these days, but I decided to make this series of Journals in which I give you guys some hints on trying a professional life as an artist. I have been feeling inspired to do that lately, so let's do it <3333
Here is my previous Journal:

Wanna become a professional artist?You better WORKHello everyone~
I decided to start this discussion because it seems to be unknown yet a very wanted discussion among many artists. A long long time ago I made a poll asking my watchers if they wanted to become a professional artists someday (and this poll is on my profile again, please go there to give it your vote ^^) and 45% of my watchers said they wanted to become professionals someday and they would do their best to achieve that. I will tell you guys who are these professional guys, about notions of market and how to be noticed as well.
First off, I'll start telling you guys about something you've probably thought of in your artist life.
Our world has now 7 billion people. That's a lot, right? Now let's suppose that 1% of that population decides to dedicate their hobbies for painting and drawing (I cannot say "art" because art is pretty general, it involves music, cinema, etc) and 1% out of 7 billion is still a lot right? Now let's suppose that 10% (that is a very optimistic previ

 First off, if you are reading this, it means you like drawing, right? ^^'' if you don't, then you probably missclicked it, sorry. ; v ;
But before thinking of becoming a professional, I advise you to measure how much you like drawing. Don't imagine yourself drawing like you do right now (during boring classes or on a short part of your free time). Imagine doing that at least 8 hours a day. Would you feel tired? Of course you would, all jobs are tiring after all. But do you think there would be times in which you would feel an immense, tiring art block you wouldn't be able to escape from? Would you be able to deal with the shortest deadlines possible? Or worse, would you be able to deal with people who don't recognize your art as being a job?

Unfortunately, there are and there always will be people around who think art is not a legit job, and “drawing an illustration” for someone is something anyone can do. I have a generous pity of graphic designers myself, they study notions of culture, esthetics, they always have to stay up-to-date for 4 years and the rest of their lives, and some of them even learn how to draw at the University when they never drew much more than stickmen in their lives. But once they get out of there, not many people treat them as professionals. They just treat them like “‘someone who knows how to draw’ and can make me this design’. Some don’t even think of paying with money, saying things like “Our project is still new, we can’t afford much” as they were saying “You choose to be an artist, you can eat when you’re dead”. Or they just say “I will make a publicy for your portfolio’’. Don’t fall for that guys, please :iconrazycryplz:


But I don’t think that’s the case. I think that happens because they don’t realize that many of us make a living out of that, and that is the only job that makes us alive. Besides, when you’re a professional artist, it is difficult to work with something else rather than drawing. If you’re a comic maker, you know how extremely time (and patience) consuming it can be.

There also might be clients who think that you’re their pet just because they paid you. They think they can commercialize your art as much as you want before you hand it over and they don’t even ask for your consent, or just TOTALLY forget all manners they have learned all their life long after they pay you hahahaha :iconrinrapefaceplz:

So, based on my own experiences and others as well, I will teach you guys how to “tame’’ your clients. I’ll tell you how to make them not very harming, but not very guilty as well. Hope you stay with me!

Have your terms of service and ALWAYS show them.

Pretty self-explanatory. Your terms of service may normally have what you are willing to draw and not willing to draw, how your work can be used by the client, and how all the hiring itself must be done. It will be even better for you if you have a place where the client can sign, so you have an argument if they disrespect your rules. Make sure they read before starting as well. Never start working if they don’t know your terms of service. You can look at my terms of service for Visual Novel projects and have an idea of what I’m talking about:

Know what to tell them when they ask you for a “discount’’.

Some guys will do so and I think it’s quite disrespectful considering that drawing is your job. Show them your price tags and don’t change them. Trust me, you’ll be happy to ignore a client who does that.

Ask for payment in advance, but tell them not to send you all the payment at once.

Well, that’s quite delicate hahahahah @ v @;;;

First, take half of the payment to start. Don’t touch your pencil before you receive it. Work on it, send step by step of the process to your client (one of my clients complimented me for doing that) but send them in a low resolution. You probably don’t want to see  anyone else finishing your work while you have only half of the payment, right?

Now the biggest deal: If they send you the payment all at once, they will probably think you’re their pet and become too bossy. But if you don’t get paid in advance, there is a chance that you don’t get paid at all (and YES, there are HORRIBLE people who can ask you for a big work and not pay you AT ALL, you gotta be very careful with that if you want to take a freelance job seriously).

As you probably saw in my Terms of Service, I ask for the payment before the sketch. You might be able to continue your drawing without part of the payment. You can do that once you know that your client is actually reliable, but remember: do not fully trust anyone.


Never give your client the originals.

Do not fall for that. They are not authorized to get your original work. That can also give them power to edit it, you probably don’t want that. But that is mostly in case you are working traditionally. I dislike it when they submit my art to a bunch of other sites, claiming as their own. You should probably dislike that as well.

Do not underprice yourself and do not force yourself to do something you can’t/don’t want to do.

As in normal drawing, you should always work on something that makes you feel into it. If you feel a small discomfort on the story of that game, if you feel something wrong about that client, don’t go.

Also don’t trust people who don’t put a comma or a period in their phrases they don’t take things seriously they don’t take their project seriously and they might not take your work seriously as well you might not understand any of what they say because of that and you might think that person is a stupid analphabet xD

Also its best for u not to trust someone who talks to u like this as well.

Also, about underpricing: you guys should NEVER EVER do that. Every time you work on an art piece, you should not only consider the work you put on that at that moment, but all the effort you put into drawing in your whole life. Think about all those frustrating art blocks you’ve been through until you got your life to get to this level. Hiring an artist should always be an expensive thing. I doubt people look so down on artists if no artist in the world underpriced himself/herself.

So, if you think of hiring an artist, think first. There are many amateur artists around that you can recruit rather than trying to make a legit professional flatten their prices. That is despicable, they do have their own prices and they will be always smart enough to tell that you are trying to deceive them.  So if you don’t have money for your project, just don’t try to make it come true after all. Doing that is the same as going to a restaurant, eating as much as you can, not giving the waiter a tip and asking them for a discount because you’re broke. You might think doesn’t look like it, but it does. Drawing is a service like all others.

 You won’t be able to get all art from one single artist for free, and only amateurs will make it cheaper for you. So if you want something cheaper, consider hiring an amateur.

Also, many of these hints might be useful for other types of freelances, even musicians. I really hope I was of help~Yui (Yoroshiku ne) [V1] 
Thanks a lot for reading, please leave a comment and a fave so that more people can see this~



What do you think is the most important thing art teaches you?
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Reopening because I'm still aiming to buying the new 3DS that's coming at the end of this year. :iconbrightfutureplz:
At this time, there will be approximately 3 slots, depending on what you order. If you are still hesitating about commissioning me, I tell you guys that I work pretty fast and I'm a good "employee", so don't worry, it should be fine ' u '

Also, guys, I want you to know that I'm going to launch the results of my raffle soon! Please don't kill me ;;;;;

Hearts o1 by AngelicHellraiserHearts o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Commission details

Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo

Note that:


For points commissions, please send me the payment ONLY when I tell you to and on my profile commissions widget! Thank you!

-I have added 20% or the original value for points commissions, which is taken by dA when I use the commissions widget. So it I advise you use paypal rather than points ^^''
-When you buy a commission from me, you are automatically buying the rights over the original picture. Which means I can mail ship it to you without any problems. Please check the last section of this Journal;
-The items "inking, complex background and additional character" are optional. You can add them or not;
-I might refuse to draw your characters for other reasons. I ask you to please not take it personally;
-It might take me some time to finish. Please forgive my laziness;
-When you buy a commission, I will draw a simple background for free(except for chibi commissions, which I'm going to give them a transparent background);
-If you buy an additional complex background, I will ask you to give me details or even photo examples so that I can work on your drawing precisely;
-All prices are in USD. We can negociate if you are brazilian, though (because I know most brazilian people don't care about art = A = ).

:bulletgreen:What I intend to draw:
-Girls and boys of all ages (anime style);
-Fanart, original characters and manga caricatures of real people;
-Pictures with complex backgrounds (if necessary); 
-More than one character in one picture (if necessary);

:bulletred:What I do not intend to draw
-Hentai or ecchi;
-Gore and blood themes;
-Sonic style;
-Cartoon style;

To commission me

Please fill this form and send me by note:
Type of commission (chibi, half body, etc.):
Type of coloring (or no coloring for sketches):
Any additionals?: (Yes, which ones?/No)
Do you me want to send you WIPs? (please read more at "ways of payment" section): (Yes/No)
References (put thumbnails or links for your characters, backgrounds and other photos here):

Hearts o1 by AngelicHellraiserHearts o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Samples and prices

This part is going to be complicated. Please ready carefully:

Watercolor, markers and other paints picture: $5 or 480:points:
Colored pencil picture: $10 or 960 :points:
Additional inking: $2 or 163:points:
Additional character: $5 or 480 :points:

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesSamples:
ANIMATION - Floating Sayuri by Sayuui

I'm not going to give them any animations since I'll be working traditionally. ; v ;"

General sketches (for all types of bodies)
Price: $15 or or 1440 :points:
Additional inking: $5 or 480 :points:
Additional character: $7 or 571 :points:
Complex background: $8 or 720 :points:

Gift Sketchies by SayuuiSketch CM: Chii by SayuuiCherry Blossoms by Sayuui

Half body
Watercolor, markers and other paints picture: $30 or 2800 :points:
Both colored pencils and paints: $35 or 3360 :points:
Colored pencil picture: $40 or 3840:points:
Additional inking (like third sample below): $5 or 480 :points:
Complex background (like on the first and second samples below): $10 or 960 :points:
Additional character: $3 or 244 :points:

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesColored pencil sample:
Merry Kurisumasu by Sayuui
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesWatercolor, markers and other paints sample:
Irasshaimase by SayuuiEmbrace the heavens by Sayuui

Knees up

Watercolor, markers and other paints picture: $32 or 3072 :points:
Both colored pencils and paints: $38 or 3648 :points:
Colored pencil picture: $43 or 4128:points:
Additional inking : $5 or 480:points:
Complex background (like in first sample below): : $10 or 960:points:
Additional character: $5 or 480 :points:

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesWatercolor, markers and other paints sample:
Ano sora no mukou ni by Sayuui
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesBoth colored pencils and paints sample:
D i s e n d a by Sayuui
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesColored pencils sample:
Christmas express by Sayuui

Full body

Watercolor, markers and other paints picture: $30 or 2800 :points:
Both colored pencils and paints: $35 or 3360:points:
Colored pencil picture: $40 or 3840:points:
Additional inking : $5 or 480 :points:
Complex background (like in first sample below): : $15 or 1440 :points:
Additional character: $5 or 480 :points:

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesWatercolors, markers and other paints samples:
Home Sweet Home by SayuuiGentle Heart by Sayuui
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesColored pencil samples:
Me and my bright side by SayuuiCM: Bakery by Sayuui

Hearts o1 by AngelicHellraiserHearts o1 by AngelicHellraiser


Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesIf you like it, you can have a preview photo of your commission before having it inked and colored. I will leave an option for that on the form you fill. It's your right to ask for it at any time;
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesPay half the total amount so I can start your picture. You can pay the other half when I finish it.

Hearts o1 by AngelicHellraiserHearts o1 by AngelicHellraiser


Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesSlots can be both taken and held this time.
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesThere will be no determined number of slots. I will choose when they will stop.
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesPeople who took and held slots will be listed below:
Hearts o1 by AngelicHellraiserHearts o1 by AngelicHellraiser

About mail shipping

Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesAs I said before, you have absolute right over the original once you buy the picture. However, you have to pay the shipping taxes that may vary from $5 to $7, depending on your region, envelope weight and the accuracy in which you want to have in your hands;
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesIt normally takes from 1,5 to 2 weeks from the time I send it to make it to you in normal shipping. It also depends on the type of shipping you are going to use. There are many of them available;
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesThe exact shipping price is calculated at the post office;
Pixel Icon by Use-dA-ResourcesI will take a certain money value to guarantee the shipping. In case the shipping price you paid is higher than the real price, you will have a refund of the resting money. In case it's lower, don't worry, I'll cover the rest myself.

Skin by *firstfear
I want to participate an artbook, do you guys know any one that's open?

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It's actually a bit of an incentive to thank people for voting for my contest entry on Clip Studio Paint's facebook page but there are other methods to participate.  The contest winners are determined by likes, and at the moment there are 3 entries with over 1000.. I can’t get that number by myself so I was wondering if you could help me out a little. It’s perfectly understandable if not though! Thank you for your time!
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