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Helloooooooo everyone ; o ;
I'm sorry I haven't given you all a small peak of my life for so long, I am very busy as I let you all know in the last journal ; v ;
Fwaaaaaah college is pretty tiring! But not as bad as high school and admission exams I guess ; 0 ; at least it feels amazing to work with something you love doing, and college is bringing me that opportunity. I couldn't be happier :iconfangasmingplz:

I was a little unprepared though, I thought Architecture course would leave me some more free time, but I am always working on something that teachers ask of me ; O ; and even though that can bother a lot in matters of free time (which I don't think I'll be having for the next 4-5 years), but it is amazing to think I haven't been procrastinating on things anymore, because I have a lot of pleasure doing what I do. I'm surprised I'd have to use Photoshop so often, it's a program I love using and I thought it would only be used in Graphic design @ 0 @ but I just figured that the Graphic Design course has actually been born from Architecture! Did you guys ever imagine that? Anyways, it is awesome that I'm no longer harming my health as much as earlier... I think I lost 4-5 kilos studying last year, but now I have to find some time to work out :iconuhuhuhuhuplz:

About my drawing life: As you all know from my gallery, I haven't been drawing much lately because of my lack of time. But you guys know that I only submit SOME of the things I draw, right? I never submit sketches or unfinished drawings... I've been mainly drawing illustrations for games, and I'm not sure if my clients would be happy if I posted them here (I promise to ask them if they would authorize me to submit that here, though) ^^'' Also, it's the first time I haven't been drawing ONLY anime lately, I've been drawing a bit of everything... Like human anatomy in general and plants. Great, no? ; v ; (although my drawing teacher said my realistic anatomy sucks orz)

About that, I apologize. But don't worry, I have some stuff coming up, I just need to scan them ; w ;

By the way, have you ever visited the page of the game I worked on, Memories of Summer Winds?… please support the game, it's amazing and it might be coming up soon, I hope you all play it! (ah, and I'm not in the credits yet, if you're wondering ^^'')

More stuff youmustbetiredalreadysorry ;;;;  I've started a game developing course! It lasts 2 years long, it's gonna kill me because it's on the Saturday morning ugggggghhh ; A ; but I'm glad I'm not living on that small, square-shaped world called University where you don't learn much about market @ o @ It's also amazing to use my creativity and ability to draw and to create things to make something come to life ; w ;

And by the time I was typing this, my vacations started! I'm super happy although it's not even a month, me and some artist friends from the university made a group on facebook to show that we are producing art and to motivate each other. So there is going to be more stuff around during this and the next month :iconright-neplz:

Now for raffle results! Here is the list of people who participated (one of them got two numbers):

1.  Raika-chan
2.  Stitched-Up-Threads
3.  sakuraGx4nina
4.  PrincessOfSnow
5.  PaperLillie
6.  MieuMew
7.  46Kibahime
8.  rainbownote
9.  Yumichan216
10.  Kitsuneschatten
11.  Cazmie
12.  Miyuki-chann
13.  Oribani
14.  geminis-rin
15.  MegumiMizu
16.  HetaliaxAnime4Ever
17.  Mitski-tan
18.  higurashimoon
19.  KWVS
20.  buniiru
21.  bardiel66
22.  XxGinger-The-StarxX
23.  MelonPam
24.  DolceDove
25.  KisaMegumi
26.  SweetsFair
27.  MikuNyu
28.  Mocha-Pi
29.  Little-Kou
30.  QueenPinku
31.  KeiEmiko
32.  Miyuki-chann
Now for the random number generator...
Raffle by Sayuui

The winner is rainbownote! Congratulations, please contact me in at least two weeks or your prize will be passed on ~ :iconpandarunplz:

Love you all, I haven't forgotten you ; w ; :iconsawakowaveplz: <3333333

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rainbownote Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh hi sayuui senpai! I know you don't know me too well but I was just wondering if you'd be willing to do a promotion for my raffle on dA?

It's actually a bit of an incentive to thank people for voting for my contest entry on Clip Studio Paint's facebook page but there are other methods to participate.  The contest winners are determined by likes, and at the moment there are 3 entries with over 1000.. I can’t get that number by myself so I was wondering if you could help me out a little. It’s perfectly understandable if not though! Thank you for your time!
hinakanin Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Sayu, eu vi que você não tá aceitando points pra commissions, mas você pode usar a commission widget do dA pra transformar points em dinheiro que vai pro PayPal 'v'
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KeiEmiko Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If only your commissions were points q_q!
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uchuubranko Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student General Artist
:iconkissmote: :heart:
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